Salomon S. Wasservogel

Ostrava 1846 – Olomouc 1909

Cabinet Portrait photographer, photo-pioneer and photo entrepreneur. He started his own studio at Oberring (Main Square) in Olomouc in 1870. As the only from many Olomouc photographers, he started to documentate many city corners and sceneries, which begin rapidly to change during the era of Gründerzeit (demolition of the fortress and city extension). He realized the special jobs as well, e. g. photographing the internated Ottoman soldiers from Bosna and Herzegovina in Olomouc fortress. His own Cabinet Portrait business boomed very fast. At the fin-de-siècle he succsefully ran the branches of his photoatelier in Olomouc, Prostějov, Opava, Ostrava and Bielsko-Biała.

Literature: Miroslav Papoušek, Fotografické ateliéry na Olomoucku ve druhé polovině 19. století. Revue Fotografie 1988, No. 2, p. 72–75.

Book of Cabinet Portrait Orders from
Photograph.artistische Anstalt S. Wasservogel Bielitz
Inventory number: r0112
Size: book B4, 100 pages
Material: ca. 5000–5347 photos, paper
Period: fin-de-siècle
Country of origin: Austria-Hungary
Year made: 1897
Status: available
Price: 1999 eur

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