Milada Schmidtová:
War Cycle

You were a fountain pen and I was killed at CherkasyMiSch

Milada Schmidtová (1922–2015) was one of the most mysterious figures of Czech fine art in the second half of the 20th century. During WWII she studied at Baťa’s business school and met Cap, Kafka, Hudeček and Chad in wartime Zlín. She soon became their muse and femme fatale. Today, her War Cycle is one of the most significant achievements of the second wave of European surrealism. At the end of the war, she joined the illegal Communist Party and aided the partisan movement. After Chad’s death, she moved to Prague, worked for the E. F. Burian D46 Theatre and organized exhibitions in Prague and Paris. After the Communist Coup d´État in 1948, all efforts to maintain the Zlín circuit, her studies, and finally her marriage, gradually failed. Milada settled in the Vysočina region and lived as hermit in a hunting lodge by a pond in almost perfect isolation.

In cooperation with the Galerie Václava Chada, Zlín