David Voda portrét

David Voda

Photo © Zdeněk Sodoma, 2021

Mgr. David Voda
Rub Gallery
Komenského 10, 779 00 Olomouc, Czechia

Wednesday – Friday 14.00–18.00
or by appointment +420 728 312 979
enquires at info@rubgallery.com

I studied art history at Palacký University in Olomouc at a time when legendary teachers such as Milan Togner, Ivo Hlobil, Rostislav Švácha, Pavol Černý and Rudolf Chadraba worked there. For more than twenty-five years I have been passionately studying, collecting, and exhibiting anthroposophical avant-garde across Europe (Aenigma project), the Zlín avant-garde from the Second World War along with Austrian and Czech-German art from the interwar era. The passion for creating collections of furniture, books and art was also behind the idea of Rub Gallery, which is a continuation of the original Rub literary edition founded in 2011.

I admit that the stubborn collection of crystalline occult furniture in the cradle of Czech cubism sounds strange, just like the fascination with the raging adolescents from Baťa's right-wing utopia, sometime between Heydrich's terror and liberation. Anyway, I will be happy to advise you about the selection of artworks and provide an insight into fascinating, hitherto under-appreciated, episodes of European art.