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About Rub Gallery

Photo © Petr Palarčík, 2022

Rub Gallery

Revolution in the Soul

Rub Gallery is an Olomouc-based art gallery representing international artists and estates of the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first centuries. We advance our mission through the collecting, exhibiting and selling the classic modern, avant-garde, post-war and contemporary artists and designers, e.g. forgotten Kakanian heroes, Zlín avant-garde from WWII and anthroposophical revolutionaries.

David Voda


Rub Gallery
Komenského 10
779 00 Olomouc

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Wednesday – Friday 14.00–18.00
or by appointment +420 728 312 979
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We are proud to cooperate with leading private and public institutions in Central Europe as

Filmarchiv Austria (Vienna)
Galerie Václava Chada (Zlín)
Albert Steffen-Stiftung (Dornach/Basel)