Ernst Aisenpreis - Chair

Ernst Aisenpreis

Bietigheim 1884 – Dornach 1949

Architect, designer, carpenter. He graduated from building school in Stuttgart. First contact with theosophy in 1905. Since 1910 collaboration with Rudolf Steiner. From 1914 leading architect of the building office of the first (1913–1920) and later the second Goetheanum (1924–1928). Author of number of villas in Dornach and Arlesheim. One of the creators and inaugurators of anthroposophical style in architecture and design.

Literature: Reinhold J. Fäth, Dornach Design. Möbelkunst 1911 bis 2011. Dornach 2011.

Ernst Aisenpreis – Chair, anthroposophical style

Inventory number: r0001
Size: 54 × 44,5 × 98,5 cm
Material: oak, polychromy
Period: anthroposophical style
Country of origin: Switzerland
Year made: 1920s
Status: Unavailable

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