20/5 2022 at 18.00
That sweet body wallowing in thorns

Literary evening / Éditions Rub
Radek Malý reads from Bohuslav Reynek, Gottfried Stix and Georg Trakl

In 1966, Petrkov was visited by the Austrian poet Gottfried Stix. Enchanted by the spirit of the place, as well as the fate of the widowed Bohuslav Reynek and his two sons, he decided to Stix decided to organize an exhibition for the Reynks in Rome. In 2005, Radek Malý sought out ninety-four-year-old Stix in Vienna and in 2015 he published a report on all this in the edition Rub.

The evening will conclude with a reading from the forthcoming new edition of the work of the Austrian poète maudit Georg Trakl (1887–1914), whom translated and admired by all three: Reynek, Stix and Malý.

Free admission

The event takes place as part of the Olomouc Museum Night 2022

Photogallery by Miroslav Urban.