1/7–14/10 2022
Otakar Hudeček: Revolution in the soul

Rub Gallery exhibition 1/7–14/10 2022- Otakar Hudeček: Revolution in the soul

Yellow… yellow paint… it burns my eyes… my brain… it grips my hand with the brushOtHu

Otakar Hudeček (1924–2007) was painter, draughtsman, printmaker, poet, translator and anthroposophical self-publisher. Studied at Škola umění Zlín (1939–1943). In wartime Zlín he was a part of the avant-garde circle of youngsters (Chad, Schmidtová, Kafka, Cap). Between 1943–1945 in forced labour camps in Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia. In 1957 in his Olomouc´s seclusion he started a “micro-revolution” in Czech painting: yet intimate, but strongly expressionistic impasto portraits and self-portraits in the manner of London´ Frank Auerbach. It was not until 2020 that he had his first posthumous retrospective exhibition in Zlín, while his last solo exhibition was in 1960. Hudeček did not cross the shadow cast by the death of Václav Chad in 1945 until the end of his life.

In cooperation with the Galerie Václava Chada, Zlín

Photogallery by Miroslav Urban.

Photogallery by Petr Palarčík. The exhibition was seen by 131 visitors.