Camillo Sitte

Vienna 1843 – Vienna 1903

Architect, painter, urban theorist. One of the first european intellectuals who realized the importance of the irregularity in the city planning. Strong opposer of rigid symmetry and geometry in building cities. In his book Der Städtebau nach seinen künstlerischen Grundsätzen he sharply critised pragmatism, utilitarism and „hygienical poorness“ in city planning of his time. 1895 he designed Extension Plan for Royal Capital City of Olomouc, which city partly followed untill 1920es.

Literature: Pavel Zatloukal, Příběhy z dlouhého století: Architektura let 1750–1918 na Moravě a ve Slezsku. Olomouc 2002.

Stadterweiterung der königl. Hauptstadt Olmütz
nach dem Entwurfe des k.k. Regierungsrathes Camillo Sitte
Inventory number: r0096
Size: 710 × 990 mm
Material: litography, watercolour, paper
Period: fin-de-siècle
Country of origin: Austria-Hungary
Year made: 1895
Status: available
Price: on request

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