Louise van Blommestein - Madonna

Louise van Blommestein

Paris 1882 – Arlesheim 1965

She grew up in Java, Berlin and Holland. From 1897 onward, she collaborated with the studio Blanc Gardin in Brussels. She travelled to Florence, Paris, London and Berlin on study visits. She painted miniatures and portraits. She was the driving force behind many Belgian and Dutch art associations. In 1919, she travelled to Dornach. In 1924, she became a member of the Anthroposophical Society. Rudolf Steiner designed for her a house with studio in Dornach. As a jointly responsible leading painter (until 1939) at the Friedwart continuing education school linked to Goetheanum, she focused her interest under the guidance of Rudolf Steiner to the sphere of applied arts (handicrafts). She was responsible for poster design work at Goetheanum for 37 years.

Literature: Reinhold Fäth, David Voda (eds.), Aenigma. One Hundred Years of Anthroposophical Art. Arbor vitae, Prague 2015.

Louise van Blommestein - Madonna, anthroposophical style

Inventory number: r0016
Size: 120 × 100 cm (paper), 151 × 131 cm (frame)
Material: paper, watercolour, wooden frame
Period: anthroposophical style
Country of origin: Switzerland
Year made: 1928
Status : unavailable

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