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Milan Blahynka
Točité schody schízy a další eseje

ISBN 978-80-905921-7-9
105 × 148 mm
Czech Edition
Graphic design: Jan Herynek
92 pages, Éditions Rub, Olomouc 2023


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In a trio of provocative essays, Milan Blahynka presents himself in a new coat. He does not, however, remove his Kundera beret, from under which he still observes how a literature worthy of its name does not lag behind sociology and philosophy in sketching the world, but often surpasses them and gives them ammunition. With this work, however, he distinguishes carefully and is never indifferent: neither to human misery nor to the misery of this planet. Perhaps we could place him among the contemporary authors of so-called libertarian socialism; among such names as the prominent Belgian philosopher Phillipe Van Parijs, promoter of the well-known idea of Basic Unconditional Income; who also defined the concept of real freedom. For as Blahynka says, “There is no freedom, let alone a feeling freedom, without prior bondage.”

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