Ezra Pound, Boris de Rachewiltz
Kočka a salamandr
(Pohádka s šesti titulky)

Translation and Commentary Petr Mikeš
Photography Boris de Rachewiltz
Preface Siegfried de Rachewiltz
Graphic design Jan Herynek
Paperback, 21 x 14,8 cm, Czech, English
Olomouc, Pentecost 2012, 1. czech edition
Edition 200 pcs.


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“One day, before his return to Rapallo, I found a salamander by a spring, which at the time was the only source of water for Brunnenburg, on the path leading from the castle to the village. The salamander was a beautiful specimen, black with yellow spots. I grabbed it and put it in a glass jar because I wanted to show it to the children. The children wanted me to let it go immediately. This was my obvious intention. However, even Pound was fascinated by this little “saurus” with antediluvian features.”

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