Otakar Hudeček


David Voda (ed.)
Otakar Hudeček
Převrat v duši

With texts by David Voda, Ladislav Daněk, Štěpánka Bieleszová, Adéla Janská, Otakar Hudeček

ISBN 978-80-907467-8-7
260 x 210 mm
Czech Edition
Graphic design: Zdeněk Macháček
56 pages, Zlínský zámek o.p.s. – Galerie Václava Chada, Zlín, 2020
102 pictures


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„Even if we were to live art as poetry, just like many artists believed in World War II, it is definitely not our life. Whether it be people writing or creating theories or whatever, any piece of art revolutionises the human soul. This revolution in the soul is so profound that you can never break away from it and carry it with you like a sensitive wound in your everyday life. This wound deepens when you observe the artist in his true creation. Then you have learned more than you can learn in a lifetime with all the wounds of fate.“

Otakar Hudeček