norbert c. kaser
úplně malé pašije

Translation David Voda (cooperation Radek Malý)
Afterword Sabine Voda Eschgfäller
Graphic design Jan Herynek
Paperback, 34 p., 20,7 x 14,7 cm, in Czech
Olomouc, at Holy Wednesday 2011, 1. czech edition
Edition 50 pcs.


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Kaser is most probably the best ever product in the history of south-Tyrolian poetry. The slogan ‚new subjectiveness‘ may be applied in the need for some context. His tragic biography can also supersede the texts themselves. Finally, we can experience the absolute content and formal radicalism- in terms of beauty, cheerfulness, sadness and tenderness to the point where it hurts: Kaser remains a revelation.

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