Gottfried W. Stix
Setkání s Bohuslavem Reynkem
Vzpomínky a dokumenty

Translation and Afterword Radek Malý
Graphic design Jan Herynek
Paperback, 32 pages, A5, Czech, German, Italian
Olomouc, September 2015, 1. Czech edition
Edition 400 pcs.


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In 1966, Petrkov was visited by Gottfried W. Stix, an Austrian literary scholar and expert on Georg Trakl. Embellished by the spirit of the place, as well as the work, personalities and destinies of the widower Bohuslav Reynek and his two sons, Stix decided to organize an exhibition in Rome for Reynek. Many years later, Radek Malý sought out the ninety-four-year-old Stix in Vienna. The edition presents a number of memories, documents, facsimiles, photographs, letters, and essays about Reynek as a translator of Tracle and Stix as a poet.

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